Smart Farm Technology


Smart Farming For the Future

S.J.Consulting Group Asia has invested in a special smart fram project called FTLG Farms.

FTLG will be incorporating smart technology that works  with the crops to provide accurate and up to date data on crop conditions, weather information, water and soil condition and important time  reference points that informs the workers, management that certain jobs need to be  carried out such fertilizer, pruning, watering and harvesting.

  • Technology that will be used with farm
  • Plant sensors – measures light, soil, water and fertilizers
  • Automated water system – Integrated with the Plant sensors to automatically water the plants based on selected criteria and provide useable data on which areas consume more or less water.
  • IFTTT- For automation and messaging information to clients, workers and  operations
  • E-commerce & Payment system for orders and shipment
  • SMS Services – To provide up to date information to clients via sms regarding when crops are ready, delivered and available
  • Grab or Uber integrated with our delivery management system
  • Online Vegetable and Herb Management tool
  • Wifi for connecting devices on the farm and personnel
  • Rasberry Pi for Computing Power
  • Wi-Fi Security and monitoring system to monitor crops, staff and for security. Which can be accessed anywhere in the world.
  • Automated Power system to turn on or off system to run the farm.

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S.J Consulting Group Asia is comprised of a small but  dedicated team of IT Support Specialists, e-marketing gurus, web design, and IT consultants located in Hong Kong, Philippines and Europe.
Our Head Office is located in Hong Kong.

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